Playing with Layers Appliquéd Leafscape with Lorna Moffatt

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (rescheduled from January)

Demonstration on how to create a textural background and then layer appliqué leaves, fronds, ferns, florals on top to create an organic, leafy wonderland.

You can either limit the palate of colour for a subtle design or go bonkers with vivid contrasts.


Optional kit: includes a piece of wool Melton, a meter of heat’n bond and patterns of leaves and fronds. Price approximately $25 to $30 per kit.

Members $50.00    Non-Members $70.00

Between with Irene Harvalias: Quilted Postcard Challenge 2020 Workshop

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Make and donate a postcard (or a bunch!) to be sold at 2020 Quilt Canada in Edmonton. Help CQA/ACC and Cindy’s Threadworks raise funds for Glenrose Paediatric Brain Injury Unit in Edmonton, Alberta!

Canada’s natural bounty is a source of inspiration for quilters from coast to coast. Participants are invited to celebrate their regional uniqueness and beauty in a postcard. Enjoy the adventure!

Come and join Irene and fellow Guild members to have some fun and be creative.

Members:  $10.00       Non-Members:  $20.00

Trunk Show: Journey with Lorna Moffat

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 (rescheduled from January)

Growing up in Scotland, Lorna was surrounded by fabric, buttons and colourful knitting yarn in her granny’s drapery shop. It was no surprise that this influenced her creative path to the Glasgow School of Art in 1982, where she graduated with both honours and postgraduate degrees in Embroidered and Woven Textiles. She carved out her career running her small business designing and making silk, machine-stitched, soft furnishings. Lorna sold and showed her many creations and collections in prestigious shops and museums both in the UK and North America.

With her geologist husband, Lorna left the UK to live and work around the world. While contractually unable to work, and with two young children, Lorna filled her spare time with volunteer work. Back at home in Scotland she wrote her book ‘Silk Unraveled’, which was published in 2008. This is a project-based book and creative guide to some of the techniques she loves to use.

Lorna will talk about her quest to establish a foothold in Vancouver’s rich craft scene and evolution of her work since she arrived in BC in 2012. She will show examples of bags pillows and blankets made from leather, velvet, wool and cottons and talk about the variety of techniques she uses to manipulate the surfaces to create her unique designs. Lorna will also include inspirational images from the people she met on her travels to the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us. She will have lots of touchy feels samples and finished pieces for you to look at and discuss.

“My Quilting Journey” spans South Africa and North America. Lorna will bring the quilts she has in her home, hanging on the walls, those in the ‘rotating’ wall pile, and bed quilts which she uses and spares she gives as gifts and telling stories about some of them.

Information about the February BOM

Those of you who have made the February block will have found that there are two HST’s remaining after the block has been assembled.  I would suggest that you bring those two extras to the meeting along with your block.  I also have a couple from previous BOM’s.
It occurs to me that if we save all these extras and give them to the orphan block table at the end of the season, some creative quilter among us could probably make a very interesting modern quilt using these colourful HST’s.

If you haven’t made the February BOM yet, the instructions for making the HST’s in the February BOM should read:

Take two of the 3 1/2” background squares and place them, right sides facing, on two A squares, then place one 3 1/2” background square on each of the B,C, and D squares.   ( Note:  Save the two 2 1/2’ background squares for the final assembly)

Workshop: Amazing Squares with Ana Paula Brasil

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

As named, this technique is amazing. Everyone loves it. We open this workshop explaining the colour selection theory and how to play the analogous using a colour wheel to create colour relationship, harmony, tone variation, and complementary colours. Learning colour selection to master the feeling of your quilt while getting close and far to bring a different perspective.

Create an amazing collage to form a photographic like image. This class is way too much fun!

Members: $55.00         Non-Members: $65.00

Between with Dougal Walker: Mod Mosaic with Grout (machine)

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (CANCELLED)

Have you got bins of “bits”? Bring them along. Grout will be added and those bits will become an interesting blocks. Use multi-coloured scraps in each block or stick to a colour palette with accents. The blocks will then be set into a background fabric so they float.

Members: $10.00  Non-Members: $20.00

Trunk Show with Ana Paula Brasil

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Come and join me in a textile journey full of humour, high energy, stories and tips. I am an international visual arts professional, graduated in fine arts and photography. Expertise, creativity and knowledge combined with my advanced techniques are a unique mix presented in my artistic world. I am currently working with textile art to express the happiness of life.

I was born in a family of poets, artists and seamstresses. My love affair with quilting began with my grandma when I was 8 years old. I have attended international shows where my art can be seen in both a public exhibitions, museums and galleries.

It is my belief that there are no mistakes but opportunities. Get ready to think outside the box! I look forward to sharing my artistic textile journey.