Workshop: Amazing Squares with Ana Paula Brasil

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

As named, this technique is amazing. Everyone loves it. We open this workshop explaining the colour selection theory and how to play the analogous using a colour wheel to create colour relationship, harmony, tone variation, and complementary colours. Learning colour selection to master the feeling of your quilt while getting close and far to bring a different perspective.

Create an amazing collage to form a photographic like image. This class is way too much fun!

Members: $55.00         Non-Members: $65.00

Playing with Layers Appliquéd Leafscape with Lorna Moffett

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Demonstration on how to create a textural background and then layer appliqué leaves, fronds, ferns, florals on top to create an organic, leafy wonderland.

You can either limit the palate of colour for a subtle design or go bonkers with vivid contrasts.


Optional kit: includes a piece of wool Melton, a meter of heat’n bond and patterns of leaves and fronds. Price approximately $25 to $30 per kit.

Members $50.00    Non-Members $70