We asked our members to bring in their leftover batting pieces to the meeting and then we spent a couple of hours at the “inbetweens” to frankenpiece them together.

There was enough batting to make two “Domestic Abuse Society “ quilts, plus enough left over for a couple of Preemies.

Thank you everyone for your donations!

Let’s do this again! Stay tuned for the next date!

Faith McLeod “Trunk Show extraordinare” plus snoops and snippets.

Day meeting: May 14 10:00am

You won’t want to miss  seeing a fantastic truck show by our fellow member

“Faith McLeod “.

Seriously you won’t want to miss this!

Evening Meeting: May 14  7:00pm

Another sneak peek into a couple of our members sewing rooms via zoom.

Join us via zoom to find out who is featured !

“FrankenBatting” a quilting creation second to none.

Tuesday May 14  1:00pm

Remember to bring your leftover pieces of batting, plus some light coloured (preferably cream) thread and a favourite hand sewing needle.

At the “in-between” we will be creating our first ever batch of “FrankenBatting “ to be used for DAS or preemie quilts.

See you there!

Sit and Stitch

This Saturday April 20,  10am to 1pm

The link has been emailed out (thank you! Cher) check your email.
Join us for an informal sharing of ideas and stitching or just chatting.
See you there!

Meet Jenni Grover April 9 on zoom at our evening meeting

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