November Block

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November '99 Block

"Crazy Quilt Block"

11 block (11 ½ " unfinished)

Block diagram Instructions:
  • 12" square of muslin
  • As many scraps as you wish of blue-on-blue, or plain blue, in dark, medium, and light.
Mark a 9 ½ square in pencil in the middle of the muslin.
Do not start any new fabrics outside this square.

Place the first piece right side up on the centre of the muslin. First piece should be a five-sided piece.

Second piece - press about ½ " down one side and place it on one of the five sides - right side up.
If you have a machine with fance sitiches use it. If not, use a zigzag sitch with variegated blue thread in it. Sew.
Keep adding pieces until you have filled the square of muslin. Cut to 11 inches square.
Do not embellish. Leave it to the person who wins the blocks.

display wall at November meeting

Display wall at November Meeting

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