9910 Block

Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild

October '99 Block

Amish Shoofly

12" block (12 ½ " unfinished)

9910 diagram

Use solid BLACK (A) and one other solid colour (B) to create this old-fashioned look.

.....PLEASE NOTE that black is not the background colour.

  • Cut:
    • One   4 ½ inch square from colour A
    • Two   4 7/8 inch squares from colour A - cut in half diagonally
    • Four   4 ½ inch squares from colour B
    • Two   4 7/8 inch squares from colour B - cut in half diagonally
Following diagram, sew each of the half square blocks together, then sew each of the blocks together in rows. Finally sew the three rows together. Press according to arrows.

Block of the Month blocks
Some of the blocks at the October meeting.

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