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April Block


April 2000 Block

"Indian Hatchet"


10 ½" block

(11 " unfinished)

A Enough strips 3 ½" long in varied colours and fabrics ranging in width from 1" to 2"
B Four 2 7/8" squares of various fabrics cut in half diagonally
C Four 4 1/8" squares of muslin cut in half diagonally
diagram a This block consists of 4 units.
Piece 5-6 strips to make a rectangle 5 inches by 3 3/8 inches.
Make 4.
diagram b Sew B trangles to each end of the unit, making sure you centre them properly. Press seams away from the triangles.
diagram c Then sew C trangles to opposite sides of the unit.
Press seam towards triangle.
diagram d Join as shown in diagram.

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