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February Block


February 2000 Block

"Amish Windmill"

8" block

(8 ½ " unfinished)

diagram a Instructions
  • Black background.
  • Solid Aqua, Blue, Purple, Pink or Lavender windmills.
IMPORTANT: Please note that the cutting instructions given in the December/January newsletter were incorrect. The 4 7/8” squares should be cut in half diagonally, instead of “in 4”. diagram b
  • Cut two 4 7/8” squares Black (cut in 2 diagonally)
  • Cut two 4 7/8” squares Colour (cut in 2 diagonally)
Join each black triangle to a coloured triangle. Join top two squares together. Sew to bottom squares, Press toward dark.
February blocks

Photo shows February blocks

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