9906 Block
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June '99 Block

Summer Patio Stones
The Block Name, design diagrams and instructions are:
Copyright © 1999 by Marjiree Kale

8" block (8 ½ " unfinished)

Fabrics - Preshrink and press
  • Four - 4 1/2 " squares of IVORY (A)
  • Two - 3" squares of PASTEL #1 (solid or tone-on-tone) (B)
  • Two - 3" squares of PASTEL #2 (solid or tone-on-tone) (C)
9906a diagram
1 - Place a pastel square onto an ivory square, right sides together, corners matching. Sew a gently curving seamline from corner to corner - arching towards the outer corner (the exact curve is not important, as this seam will not be visible once the clock is completed). 9906b diagram
2 - Fold the pastel square so points meet at the outer corner. Press straight across (this will create a slight "pocket" on the surface of the block).
3 - Open pastel square. Trim pastel only to create a 1/4" seam allowance towards the outer corner. DO NOT TRIM THE IVORY SQUARES as they provide a base to ensure straight blocks. 9906c diagram
4 - Press again. ***Repeat steps 1-4 to create 4 units.
5 - Alternate the pastels in the centre of the block. Carefully matching the points, sew 2 units together and repeat. Press the seams open. Sew these larger units together to finish your block. Press all seams open. 9906d diagram

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