April Block

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Geese In Spring

Please note: The block name, design diagrams and instructions are:
Copyright © 1999 by Marjiree Kale

8" block
(8 ½ " unfinished)
(Inspired by Singer Quilting by Machine)

Fabrics Preshrink and press 9904a
8 2 7/8" squares of IVORY cut diagonally into halves
1 5 1/4" square of PASTEL (solid or tone/tone)(A) cut diagonally into quarters
1 5 1/4" square of 2nd PASTEL (solid or tone/tone)(B) cut diagonally into quarters
***Be careful not to stretch the bias seams while sewing and pressing.
Sew scant 1/4" seams and press toward the ivory fabric.
Trim the points.
Join the Geese into two strips. Press in the direction of the arrows. Join the strips at the centre seam and press.
9904c 9904d

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