Christmas Star Block

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November '98 Block

Christmas Star
Inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens pattern in 501 Built Blocks

Please note:
Block name, fabric selection, diagrams 2 - 5 and instructions are:
Copyright © 1998 by Marjiree Kale

9" block (9 ½ " unfinished)

  • Cut nine - 3 ½ " squares - ivory on ivory - (A)
  • Cut ten - 2 1/8" squares - Christmas red, plain or print - (B)
  • Cut eight - 2 1/8" squares - Christmas green, plain or print - (C)

Sewing Tips:

A 1/4" foot for your sewing machine will help maintain precision scant 1/4" seams.
A light gray thread will blend into the seams of contrasting light and dark fabrics.
November sketch 1

Pressing Tips:

Press each seam with a dry iron (to avoid stretching) especially on bias seams. Use steam sparingly if necessary.


You will create: 5 Ivory squares each with 2 red corners
4 Ivory squares each with 2 green corners

Please TEST one Ivory Block before continuing. (Steps 1 - 4)

November sketch 2

1. On the wrong side of each 2 1/8" square, draw a diagonal line from point to point using a washable fabric pencil and ruler.
2. With right sides together, line up one red square with the corner of one ivory square. Sew on the diagonal line.
3. Press the points towards the corner of the ivory corner.
4. From the right side of the fabric, the red corner should match the ivory corner. Trim if necessary.

Unfold the red fabric to create a square once again.
Turn to the wrong side and cut a 1/4" seam on the corner side of the seam.
5. Repeat these steps for opposing corners of each ivory square.
6. Join three top three squares. Press the vertical seams to the left.
7. Join three middle squares. Press vertical seams to the right.
8. Join three bottom squares. Press vertical seams to the left.
9. Join the top and middle rows, then the middle and bottom rows.
10. Press horizontal seams downward.

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