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June block

June 1998, Star Sampler

8" block (8 ½ " unfinished)
Your choice of any 8" star block - any colours with ivory/tone-on-tone background.

May 1998, Cabin Lights

8" finished size (8 1/2" unfinished)
Cut List (Any colours - darks or lights - no mediums)
  • 5 - 2 1/2" squares from dark prints D
  • 5 - 2 1/2" squares from light prints L
  • 3 - 2 7/8" squares from dark prints D (cut in half diagonally)
  • 3 - 2 7/8" squares from light prints L (cut in half diagonally)
  • Join the rows as shown in diagram.
  • Sew rows together matching seams.

star block
April 1998, Square Within a Star
A - Cut one 3 5/16" square (3 5/16" is located between 3 1/4" and 3 3/8")
- Plaid or check - dark
A1 - Cut two 2 7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally - - Plaid or check - light
B - Cut four 2 7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally - Plaid or check - medium
C - Cut one 5 1/8" square, cut in half diagonally, twice - Ivory or beige, or tone-on-tone -
D - Cut four 2 1/2" squares - Ivory or beige, or tone-on-tone
  1. Sew two A1s to the opposite sides of A. click BACK to return here). Press to A. Add A1 to the other two sides. Press to A.
  2. Sew one B to C. Press to B. Add another B to the other side of C. Press to B. Cut off "dog ears". Make four sets.
  3. Sew one D to the BC set. Add another D to the other side of the BC set. Press to D. Make 2 sets.
  4. Sew a BC set to one side of A. Add another BC set to the other side of A. Press to A.
  5. Butt, pin and sew into rows according to the drawing.

march block

March 1998, Bright Scrappy Quilt

Click here for foundation paper piecing pattern
Fabrics: Multi-colours - lights and darks,
(no mediums)as many different prints as you can find for a bright, scrappy quilt.
Print the pattern. Pin and stitch fabric on paper following the numbered sequence on pattern. Make 2 halves then stitch the 2 halves together on the diagonal line to make a 6" finished, 6½" unfinished block. Remove paper and press.


February 1998, Hearts + Hourglass

Two Hourglass blocks:

Cut two 7 ¼ " squares - one light, one dark, any colours.
Cut diagonally twice to get four sets of triangles. Sew light triangles to dark, and stitch the pairs together, matching centre seams.
heart block

Heart Block:

Cut one 7 ½ " square of ivory/tone-on-tone for background.
Referring to pattern in newsletter, trace outline of heart (or, us a heart pattern 5" across to fit on a 6" finished block).
Applique heart, red or pink prints to background. Press and trim block to 6 ½ " square.

Jan block

January 1998, Kaleidoscope

refer to pattern in newsletter
6" Block (6 ½ " unfinished)
Good for paper-piecing
Referring to pattern in newsletter, use templates or photocopy as instructed.
"Marbled" fabrics or blurred/indistinct prints. If you don't have any of these, use solid colours. Lights and darks only, no mediums. Any colours, as many different ones as you can manage.

dec block

December 1997

Image shows 4 blocks sewn together to create a 'star' design.
please refer to pattern in newsletter
4"block (4 ½ " unfinished)
To make 4 squares:
Cut four 5 ½ squares, one dark red print, one dark green print, and two ivory/tone-on-tone
Stack the squares with wrong sides facing up, and measure 1 ¾ " from each corner (in a clockwise direction) and cut as indicated.
The most confusing thing about making this block is which sides of the odd-shaped pieces to sew together, because it "doesn't look right".
However, if you lay out the pieces before you sew, it will be more obvious what goes where!

dec block Click here to see layout, Fabric is wrong side up
Starting from the centre, join sides a and b, sewing a light to a dark.
Press seams toward the darker fabric.
Matching the centre seam, join each red/ivory pair to a green/ivory pair to form a square.
No, the edges will not be even! So after pressing, carefully centre and trim to measure 4 ½ " (unfinished measurement).

nov block

November 1997, Simplex Star

6" Block (6 ½ " unfinished)

Golds, blues, and ivory (small pattern or tone-on-tone) - mix as many different prints as you can for a really "scrappy" look.
Cut one 2 ½ " square of each colour (1 gold, 1 blue, 1 ivory - G, B, I)
Cut two 2 7/8" squares of each colour (golds, blues, ivories) cut in half diagonally
Make six triangle-squares as follows: 2 - blue/ivory, 2 - blue/gold, and 2 - gold/ivory
Sew together in rows as in diagram.

oct block

October 1997, Thrifty

9" block" (9 ½ " unfinished)
A....Cut one 2" x 17" strip of red print
+....Cut one 2" x 17" strip of ivory/tone-on-tone
D....Sew strips together with a ¼ " seam, press towards red and rotary cut eight 2" sections
C....One 3 ½ " square of red print
B....Four 3 ½ " squares of Blue (medium or light print)
Referring to diagram, Sew 2 - A+D sets together (to form 4 squares)
Sew one DA + AD set to each side of B (2 sets)
Sew one B to each side of A
Press seams towards the blue squares
Matching seams, assemble in rows, as indicated (make sure the red squares are at the top and bottom)

sept block

September 1997, Flying Goose

Directions are for two 6" blocks (6 ½ " unfinished)

A....Cut 1 - 6 7/8" square. Cut in half diagonally. Blue or Gold prints - mix or match - your choice.
B....Cut 1 - 3 7/8" square. Cut in half diagonally. Blue or Gold prints - mix or match - your choice.
C....Cut 3 - 3 7/8" squares. Cut in half diagonally. Ivory - small print or tone-on-tone.
Sew B and C triangles together, then sew to A as shown in diagram. Press seam towards A taking care not to stretch the diagonal edges.

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