Remembrance Day

I am thankful for the sacrifices of others that enable me to enjoy the life I have today.

Please remember those that have either lost their lives or now have compromised lives due to injuries sustained defending our freedoms.

Do you have some poppy/canadiana fabric, perhaps you could make a quilt and donate it to a Legion near you. If you are so inclined contact a branch near you and ask what is appropriate.

Lest We Forget

Our day meeting in November we are featuring “Orange you Glad” our first colour themed month. Bring your ‘orange” quilts but wait for instructions to show them in a separate Show and Tell. Bring an “orange snack” such as cheezies, pumpkin loaf, papaya, carrot cake.. you get the drift. it will be nothing but orange everywhere!!! “Orange you Glad”.

The in between will feature a pattern called disappearing L patch. An email will be forthcoming with all the pertinent info.

Stay tuned and see you on November 14.

Cathy G