FVQG Library Update

Have a look at our library!

Our library is a great in-person and on-line resource. We encourage you to use it.  Starting in January 2023 you’ll be able to come in the front door and walk down the hall to get to the library.  We’ll be open downstairs at 9:30 on meeting days for you to browse the books and magazines in person or to pick up the items you’ve reserved on-line.  We will also be there during the break and for a short while after the meeting.

If you pre-order on-line it makes our job as volunteers easier, and you’re guaranteed to get the items you want (if someone didn’t reserve ahead of you).  We’ve all ordered items on-line (groceries, Amazon, etc.) and our system is no different:  check the library tab on your left to see what’s available and how to use the on-line reservation system.


We’re always ordering more books and magazines.  Coming soon to our library is “Scrappiness is Happiness” and “Why we Quilt”.