Quilting Memories from Wendy Wulff (longtime member)

My first memories of the FVQG were when I noticed a small advertisement in the local paper that said:

Quilters – let’s get together and talk about quilting and start a guild.
Call Margaret at …..

And so, I did.

At first there were just 5 or 6 of us for several months and we met in each other’s living rooms.  Often we came to my home because I had a baby who needed to be nursed and put to bed. (She is now approaching 46).  We chatted about quilting mostly and did hand projects, shared magazines, and marveled at one gal who did amazingly perfect appliqué and had an unusual system of quilting with a very fine crochet hook – sort of a chain stitch through the fabric.

After a while there were too many people for a living room, so we started to rent spaces in halls and community places. It was great fun, but I soon realized I would never be a fabulous artist – more of a crafts gal – and some of the meeting places have been too far from my home to make it feasible to attend regularly.

Two more children and a busy job meant my output was modest. I helped hang quilts, organized a few things, etc.

One of my favourite guild efforts is the swapping tables we used to have before meetings.

What is it about cutting up fabric and sewing it back together that is so darn much fun?

Over the years, I have made lots of things for children, friends and community – I often think that making something quilted is the best response for a friend having a hard time.

I seriously marvel at the fabulous quilts that many talented members make – and have kept up my membership for all these years so that I can be inspired!

Many thanks to all the folks who made this lovely anniversary event happen. And especially big thanks to Margaret Clydesdale who got us all rolling!