Information about the February BOM

Those of you who have made the February block will have found that there are two HST’s remaining after the block has been assembled.  I would suggest that you bring those two extras to the meeting along with your block.  I also have a couple from previous BOM’s.
It occurs to me that if we save all these extras and give them to the orphan block table at the end of the season, some creative quilter among us could probably make a very interesting modern quilt using these colourful HST’s.

If you haven’t made the February BOM yet, the instructions for making the HST’s in the February BOM should read:

Take two of the 3 1/2” background squares and place them, right sides facing, on two A squares, then place one 3 1/2” background square on each of the B,C, and D squares.   ( Note:  Save the two 2 1/2’ background squares for the final assembly)