Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
 February 2008 BOM

Raggedy Heart

Raggedy Heart: an easy block so you can spend more time with your valentine.

   - finished block size 9˝ x 9˝
   - unfinished block size 10 x 10

Fabric Requirements:
Colour One: red background fabric, printed or plain
Colour Two: two or three fabrics for the hearts, in any red/pink/white combinations that you like.

Step One: cut a 10 x 10 square for the background.

Step Two: make a template for the largest heart. I folded a piece of 8˝ x 11 paper in half lengthwise and cut on the fold to within an inch of the edge. Trace this onto another piece of paper, the traced one is your template. Cut the first heart into a smaller heart, about an inch smaller. Trace this second heart onto a piece of paper and it’s your second template. Use the second cut out heart to cut the third heart, about an inch or inch and a half smaller than the second. This can be the template for the third heart. I did the templates this was because by using the original heart template to make the other two you get hearts that are the same shape as the others and they look better one on top of another.

Step Three: Use the templates to cut out your hearts and sew the largest onto the background first and then the second and third on top of that. Use a matching or contrasting thread. Leave the edges of the hearts “raw”.

Step Four: Washing the block will make the edges of the heart ragged.
Sew a heart button into the middle of block if you wish.

 For an Adobe Acrobat Version of the above pattern click here.

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