Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
June 2006


Prairie Summer
D. Ethel Snow

The June Block is a 7 " by 8 1/2" Grain Elevator with a painted side or not, called "Prairie Summer"

This is a cut and sew block that you will only use one sky fabric, one elevator fabric and a panel suitable for the mural side of the elevator.

The Cuts are as follows:

Sky fabric- cut 3 - 2 " squares used to make the roof and sky "A" blocks,

cut 2- 1 " by 2 " for "D" blocks.

cut 2 -1 " by 8 " for the "F" blocks.

and cut 1 -1 " by 5 " for the "E" block.

Grain Elevator- cut 3 - 2" squares used to make the above mentioned "A" block.

Cut 2 - 1 " by 2 " to make the "B " block for the top and the shed cut 2 - 1 " by 5 " to make the ""C" side panels.

Mural Panel -Cut 1 - 2 " by 6 " for the mural or return and cut it in elevator fabric, then add your favourite town or co-op name.


1. Take grain elevator and sky 2" squares, match face to face and mark diagonal line from kitty corner points. Sew " seam on each side of diagonal, cut on drawn line and press seam allowance to darkest side. Trim five of the blocks so that they are 1 " half square triangles. Throw the sixth away. This is the "A" block that becomes the roof . Place two together to form the centre roof portion. Sew " seam. Press centre seam open.

2. To build the centre panel add the roof to a "D" block Press the Seam allowance away from the roof. Now add the Mural wall to this unit. Press Seams to bottom.

3. To build the right side, add a "A" block to the "C" unit making sure that the roof slants away from the centre panel made in step #2. Press seams to bottom. Now add a "D" unit of sky fabric. Press seams to top. Join this right side to the right side of the elevator centre panel. Press seams to the side. Now build the left , checking to see that the roof unit has the right configuration . Join to left of elevator unit . Press seams to left side.

4. Add an "A" roof to Elevator "B" unit to make shed. Align the roof for a right or a left join, your choice. Press seams to bottom. Add Sky "E" unit to top. Press seams top. Now join to left or right side, just watch that the roof line is correct. Press seams to outer edge.

5. Add a "F" block of sky to each side. Press seams to the outer edge .

You have built a Prairie Elevator for a summer memory, a vision that is quickly disappearing on the Canadian Prairies where I first learnt to quilt.


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