Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
April 2006



"Bullís Eye"
9 " unfinished Block of the Month.

Think Loggers or "Little House on the Prairie when you choose your three Flannel Fabrics.

Please wash and dryer dry your flannels before you cut and sew so that the shrink has already happened.

Bullís Eye is a very old pattern. It may be used as a simple bullís Eye block or halved or Quartered and re joined to give a more scrappy and a smaller block that is based on a circle or it may, when quartered, be set in a Drunkardís Path pattern. These possibilities are for the winner to choose. All you have to make is a simple raw edged bullís eye and hand it in with the cut out backs

You will need 1 - 9" square base block.
An 8" circle.
A final 6" circle.
A compass or a ruler and a piece of string and a marker.

Directions are as follows:

1. Cut out 9" background square . Fold into quarters and press

2. Fold second Fabric into quarters. This needs to be at least 8" square Draw the quarter of the circle 4" from the folded point, cut out so that you now have an 8" circle, match the centers and the folds Pin. Sew with a satin stitch, a fancy but close decorative stitch or a close straight stitch. This will give you either a smooth or a rough edge appliquť seam depending on your choice. Cut out the back, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Fold the Minimum 6" square into quarters. Draw the quarter circle 3" from the point, cut out, unfold the 6" circle, match the centre and quarter folds. Pin. Sew as in #2. Cut out back as in #2.

4. Pin both cut out circles to back of block. These may be used on border portions.

Enter the Draw. This will make a perfect quilt for that picnic or for a lap throw at the games.

Enjoy. Ethel.

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