Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
February 2006


"To My Valentine" 
8 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" deep (unfinished)

Red for the heart parts 
White on white or a fine print on white for the envelope flap 
White for the envelope portion with or without a message in permanent ink or embroidery. Background colour may be medium turquoise, blue or mauve.   

Trace and Sew into place; Background to heart, and the next small background piece. Now add the envelope flap and the last piece of background at the top. Finally add the envelope front.

Begin by laying the heart fabric into position. Next add the upper cleavage corner, then top corner piece is added next. Then add the long triangle background to give the heart its pointed bottom. The pattern is a paper pieced pattern in two parts. The first section is the envelope section. The second part is the half heart portion. After completing both sections join the half heart to the envelope side with the top lobe of the heart matching as best you can. You may add a valentine phrase in permanent ink or in embroidery or in the tradition of mysterious admirers, leave it blank. The completed block should measure 8 1/2" across and 6 ½ " deep. Have a "Love of a time", making one or more. 

***** Note: I am sorry that  have not yet posted the patterns for this block as I am having problems with .pdf files on my computer.  Guild members can find the pattern pieces in the February 2006 Newsletter -  Page 16. I will post the patterns as soon as possible!

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