Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild

September 2005

"Row House"
6" x 12"  finished block


Use five different fabrics  

 Sky fabric;  cut 2 (3 " by 3 ") Squares -"S". 
Draw or press a diagonal line from point to point on wrong side of each.

 Roof fabric; Cut 1 rectangle, 6 " wide and 3 " deep, - "R1". Cut 3 rectangles, 2" wide and 1 " deep, "R2"

 Window fabric; Cut 3 , 2" squares, "W"

 Door fabric; Cut 1, 2" by 4 " long rectangle, "D"

 House fabric; Cut 5, 2" squares  "A" Cut 3 length strips, 1 " by 9 "  "B"  Cut 6 squares, 1 ", draw a diagonal on the back  "C"









Construction of Row house

1. Take a "R1" piece, place one "S" piece, right sides together, on left corner with diagonal to top centre. Pin, sew on diagonal line. Press open and trim off extra two corners leaving a 1/4" seam . Continue with second "S" fabric on right, to form the roof. This technique is called "Fast 45s" and tends to make better flying geese blocks. Follow this game plan for the three small gable roofs using the 3 "R2" pieces and the 6 "C" pieces.

2.  Now we form the columns that fit between the house length strips.

a. Add An "A" block to the top of each of the three small roof pieces.

b.  Now add a window square, "W" to the bottom of each of the small three roof pieces.

c. To two of the window sections from (b), add a second "A" block of house fabric below the window.

d. To the bottom of one of the (c) portions, add a door, "D" section.

e.  to the second (c) portion, top it with the last window section from step (b) .

f. Press all the seams. Be careful not to stretch the columns. If you press seams away from the window and the door parts, the window and door will sink.

g. Now add a length strip "B" to centre joining the two pieced columns. Now add one "B" to each side. The door position is your choice.

h. Add the roof section to the house section . Re-press gently.

You should have an unfinished block 6 " wide and 12 " long. Add a door knob or whatever.


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