Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild

December 2005


"Wreath of Trees"
Single Block 6" X 6" - Wreath 12" x 12" finished


This is a foundation pieced block and it takes four to make a single wreath. It is also a scrap bag style of quilt so you may not need to purchase a thing if you are, like me and have a stash and a large bin of multi-coloured scraps. 
White-on-white background - use a different one for each block or, two white-on- whites, so there is a little contrast in the background. Because it is hard to simplify what you will need Id suggest you use your scraps or purchase a couple of quarters which should make several sets of blocks . Brown scraps for trunks. Pot colours from scraps. Make each of the four pots different. Four tree colours, scraps or 6" squares.

This block is so simple that you dont need a newsletter pattern, just follow the instructions and you will construct your own pattern that will be the same size as the others, providing you sew a real 1/4" seam when you join them and your pattern points are exactly where they should be. PATTERN MAKING STEPS 
Take a piece of freezer paper. Fold into a four section unit that will make a 6 3/4" by 6 3/4" square, with the shiny side inside. Draw a 6" Square in the centre of the folded paper. One corner is the pot , mark a "P". The tree top is diagonally across from "P", mark it with a tiny "T". Draw in the diagonal lightly from "T" to "P" . Measure up from the pot tip, 1 1/4 inch and mark. Do the same on the opposite pot side. Join the two points to make the pot. From the same pot end , on the same lines, measure up 3 inches and mark. Repeat on the other pot side. Join these two points. You now have the tree bottom. Now join up the side points, at the 3" marks to the tree top point called "T". This central triangle is the tree. Between the pot and tree build a trunk by measuring and marking a 1/4" seam on both sides of the centre line. Staple the four folded sheet in several places to keep the sheets in place. Unthread your sewing machine, take out the bobbin. Put in a dull needle and tighten up your stitches a little. Now trace your tree, pot and trunk lines with your threadless needle, giving you your foundation piece marks. The last two steps before you sew is to draw the 1/4" seam allowance around the master foundation blocks. Now mark the master foundation sections as follows. 1 is the trunk, 2 and 3 are background sides, 4 is pot, 5 is the tree portion 6 and 7 are the tree backgrounds. Cut out the quarter block package just outside the seam allowance lines. Pull out the staples . Number the last three sections, marked by the needle marks and corresponding to the top drawn block. When Sewing the block, rethread and follow the number sequence. To speed up the process, work all four blocks ,i.e. make all the trunks and sides and then add the pots etc. Trim and press seams flat after every seam . The shiny FP backing will hold the fabric in place after you iron it. (This is a Heather Bethel trick) . When all four blocks are finished trim along the outer 1/4" seam allowance lines giving you four, 6 1/2" unfinished blocks. Then join the pots into twos. Finally, join the 2 sets to make one 4-block 12 1/2" by 12 1/2" unfinished block with a pot centre. Tear out the paper. Press flat taking care not to stretch the block. Sew a flat button into the pot centre. Your tree wreath is completed. 

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