Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild

November 2005



"Asian Fusion"
5.5" x 8"  finished block

 Asian Fusion is a block where you might try an Asian or Asian looking fabric as the wall paper. As most Asian fabrics are beautiful in themselves, the block is a simple bowl and a pair of chopsticks. Doesn’t it remind you of the "shop till you drop lunches" in China Town pre Xmas time?

Fabrics needed:

a.  an Asian print for wall paper that is cut 8 ½ " by 5 ½ "
b.  a strip for the table 8 ½ " by 1" 
c.  a bowl fabric about 9" wide by 3" high. Simple works best.
d.  a strip for chop sticks

1.  Add the wallpaper to the table. Press the seam allowance to the top of the wall.
2.  This block has a traditionally appliquéd bowl on it. Use the template pattern and cut out freezer paper bowl remembering to place the fold notation of the template on the fold of the freezer paper. Press the bowl shape to the back of a simple fabric. Cut around the pattern piece leaving an ¼" seam allowance. Clip the base of the bowl curve. Get out your spray starch, spritz some into a small saucer. With a small paint brush, paint the edges of the seam allowance. Now, gently use the iron to press the seam allowance over the freezer paper edge until the appliqué piece has all the seam allowances pressed into the back crisply. You might need to thin the seam allowance at the bowl edges while you are preparing and pressing. When the piece is completely dry and the edge is crisp, flip out the paper and save for help in block placement. You may use the same technique for the chopsticks but note that they only need to be partially built as they are in the bowl. ( Thank Linda Rothe for the appliqué style as it is the one she uses and often demonstrates at events.)
3.  Find the centre of the prepared block base. Fold to find. Find the centre of the bowl, use your freezer paper template to help you. Place the bowl on the table centered on the block and pin into place, firmly. Place the chop sticks to the right or the left. Pin into place. Thread up your matching threads and appliqué the chop sticks and then the bowl. Remember to hide the knot at the back and to use tiny stitches that run along the edge and down to the base for little picks.
4.  When the appliqué is finished press the whole block with the appliqué side face down into a towel or a soft surface.
The block is an 6" by 8 ½ " block (unfinished).

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