Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild

October 2005

"Crazy Patch Pumpkins"
8" x 6"  finished block


This month you will build and embroider, if you wish, a block that will become a pumpkin with class, with attitude or appear Victorian.

Fabric list:

Unbleached cotton or scrap: Cut 1 base, 8 ½" long and 5 ½" wide.

Sky fabric: Cut 4 Squares, 2" by 2", mark or press diagonal line as in "Fast 45" method (see Sept.) and 1 strip, 8 ½" long and 1 ½" wide.

Pumpkin coloured scraps: pumpkin body.

Green scrap: for a pumpkin stem

Optional- Embroidery threads, buttons














 You will start with a fabric base. Beginning in the centre, place a large pumpkin coloured three or five sided patch. Pin in place and begin adding scraps, one at a time.

b. Follow this pattern. Place the new scrap face to face, edge to edge on top of the already constructed centre patch, sew ¼" seam, trim if necessary, open up, finger press then pin into place. Choose another side to the left or the right and continue adding pieces or pieced scraps until base is covered. Try not to leave any of the base uncovered unless it is in the corner sections where you will add corner blocks . Check with folded edge of sky square to make sure you have enough base to cover pumpkin and 1/4" needed for seam. At this point you may use your sewing machine to fancy up the seam lines with embroidery or you may add the corner blocks and then add hand embroidery to the seams when the block is completed.

c. Corner blocks are added as for Snow ball. Add corners, face to face with diagonal line marking the cut corner. Sew on the marked or folded diagonal line. Press corners out. Next, trim off extra "under corner" pieces ¼" from seam line, leave base in place. This will stabilize the pattern block. (Pin corner block on top of base when adding block to block so that the corner will lay flat on the base and not pucker or fold.)

d. Appliqué on stem to long sky strip or slice centre of long top sky piece, add stem and rejoin sky to other side of stem, re-cut the top sky piece to the 8 ½" length.

e. Join stem and sky to pumpkin.

f. Now add hand embroidery if you wish.


Where to find possible embroidery stitches? Most quilting books and magazines have a simple list of easy embroidery stitches. Cross stitch , feather stitch, long stitch, lazy daisy, button hole and crows foot from folk art patterns are fairly easy.

If you have a fancy dancy or a simple quilting machine you may have some possible stitches. If you aren’t an embroiderer but want to participate in the block draw, be Amish and leave them plain.

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