Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
January 2006


"Hats off to the New Year" 
6 1/2” X 9 1/2” (6” x 9”finished) 

This is a 6 ½ " by 6 ½ " unfinished snowman face topped with a 6 ½ " by 3 ½ " hat from the pattern or a self-designed hat of your choice.

The face may be appliquéd, embellished or drawn using fabric permanent markers or paints.

This block offers you the chance to create a block that is different by making choices for the face and hat.

Sky Fabric: 4 - 2" squares 2- 2" by 2 ½ " rectangles 
Snowman: 6 ½ " by 6 ½ " square of white on white 
Hat: A hat fabric or two hat crown is 3 ½ " wide and 2 ½ " deep 
Brim: brim for the drawn hat is 1 ½ " by 6 ½ " wide

To make the block, use the fast 45’s we used in the house and the pumpkin. Fold the sky squares diagonally in half or draw a line from corner to corner diagonally on the back. Place 1 of the sky squares on each corner, checking to see that the diagonal fold or line on the back of the sky fabric cuts off the corners of the snowball background. Sew. Press. Trim out the extra sky triangle and white background. Press the seams into the snowman to lift the head. 

Now you will make your own hat or you will follow the hat recipe.
If you wish to add a hat band, do this next by adding to the crown fabric and re cutting or by inserting a ribbon or a folded piece to the bottom edge of the crown piece. Consider the ¼ " seam allowance needed. Now add the two rectangles to the crown, one on each side. Press seam allowances behind hat crown to lift it up. Join the brim to the crown. Press the Seam allowances towards the brim. Add the completed hat to the snowman head. Press the bottom seam allowance toward the brim again, to lift it. Add facial features using appliqué, paint, buttons or whatever. Sign your name on the face bottom a ¼ " up so that it doesn’t disappear into the seam allowance. Bring in your Snowman for the chance of a whole crowd of guys or gals.  

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