Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild
0403 block

March 2003

"Card Trick"

9" x 9"block
( 9½" unfinished)

Use a IVORY background fabric plus either pink OR red and blue OR purple.
So you could have pink & blue, red & blue, pink & purple or red & purple.
Cut all the fabrics the same.
Cutting: 2 of each colour 3 7/8 inch squares recut once on the diagonal
  1 of each colour 4 ¼ inch square recut once on each opposite diagonal to yield four triangles.
Assemble corner units, press seam to darkest fabric, trim extending points.
Stitch each small background triangle to a coloured one, press seam to darkest fabric and trim extending points.
Assemble rows referring to the diagram, press seams in opposite direction to adjoining rows.
Join rows, press completed block.

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