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June 2003 block

June 2003


Printed with permission from Quiltmaker No.77, Jan/Feb 2001

9" x 9"block
( 9½" unfinished)

15 2" x 2" squares background fabric
(assorted cream or ivory/tone-on-tone)
17 2" x 2" squares assorted colours - aim for a really "scrappy" look.
2 2 3/8" squares background  (Cut in half diagonally
2 2 3/8" squares coloured     (Cut in half diagonally
Join to make 4 half-square triangles.
Trim points.
  Assemble block in rows referring to diagram.
0306 pattern

A note from webmaster:
I apologize for being late putting this pattern on the web site. At the end of May when I would have prepared this page and graphics, I received a phone call that my 14 year-old grandson would have his third open-heart surgery the next morning. We knew it was going to happen but didn't expect it that soon. Needless to say, I couldn't concentrate on anything that required looking at words.

The surgery took 5½ hours with 2 hours on the heart-lung machine. He had a "valve transplant" – to be more accurate, they did the "Ross Procedure". Now, he has a "patchwork" heart.

My grandson is recovering very well with his patchwork heart – and for the first time in his 14 years, has a normal heartbeat, which he never experienced before. We are truly gratefull!   M.V.H.

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