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February 2003

Printed with permission from Quiltmaker No. 41, Jan/Feb 95


animated heart

9" x 9" ( 9½" x 9½" unfinished)

0302 block 1
Block A
0302 block 2
Block B

For best results, (A)s and (B)s are needed in equal numbers. It would be just wonderful if you would make one of each. More chances to win!
For block (A) Cut: Block A Block B
One (scant) 3¼" square White diagonal
Cut in four diagonally
Two 4 3/8" squares White diagonal
Cut in half diagonally.
Four 5½" x 1 7/8" rectangles, Red  
One 5½" square White  

Matching corners, sew one of the smaller triangles to each end of two of the 5½" x 1 7/8" rectangles. Press seam towards darker colour. Trim points.

Mark the centres of the long side of each of the larger triangles, and each rectangle. Matching centres, sew one corner triangle toeach rectangle. Trim points.

Matching seams, assemble block as shown in diagram (B)

Trace heart and appliqué to centre of block (A). If you use Wonder Under, please finish all edges with zig-zag or buttonhole stitch.

Block (B) is reverse colours of Block (A)

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