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Dec 2002

December 2002

"Christmas Star"tree
Printed with permission from Quiltmaker, May/June 2001

9" x 9 "block
( 9½" x 9½" unfinished)

Two 3.7/8" squares BRIGHT Christmas fabric(red, gold or blue) for star.
Cut in half diagonally.
Two 3.7/8" squares Ivory. Cut in half diagonally.
    With right sides together, join each background triangle to a triangle of Christmas fabric, being careful not to stretch the diagonal edges.
Press towards darker colour. Trim points.
One 18" x 2" strip Green
One 18" x 2" strip Ivory
    Sew these strips together, pressing seam towards green. Cut into eight 2" sections for the four corner 4-patches.
Two 2" x 2" squares Christmas fabric
Two 2" x 2" squares Green
    Join for Star center 4-patch.
    Dec sketchPiece block as shown.

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