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Oct 2002 block

October 2002

Halloween CAT

5" x 9"block
(5½" x 9½" unfinished)

One 8½" x 3½  Halloween fabric) (A)
One 6½" x 2½  Halloween fabric) ** (D)
Two 1½" x 1½"  Halloween fabric) (C)
One 3½" x 1½"  Background (ivory) (B)
One 2½" x 2½"  Background (ivory) (E)
One 3½" x 2½"  Background (ivory) (F)

** No Halloween Fabric? Use Black or Orange

(1) Place one square (C) on each end of (B) and stitch diagonally as shown.
Press all 3 layers towards corner. Do not cut away at seam.
(2) Join pieced (B+C) to A
(3) Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of Piece E, and place on top of D, right sides together.
Stitch along marked line. cut away excess fabric, leaving a ¼" seam.
Depending on the direction of this seam, you will end up with a left Cat or a right Cat. The choice is yours!
(4) Join piece F to (D+E)
(5) Join the two sections together.

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