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June 2002 block

June 2002

"Shaded Pinwheel or Double Pinwheel"

Like the January BOM this block has no templates so you need to carefully read the instructions to create this block.
This block is always made in pairs so depending on the number and length of strips used the pairs can be as few as one pair or as many as your heart desires…

Step 1: You need to choose 3 fabrics, one MUST be a cream or cream on cream, the others should be two colours that complement or co-ordinate with each other, for example burgundy print and a pink solid, but the choice of colours is completely yours.

Step 2: Cut 2 strips of the cream colour cotton that are 2 ½” wide and at least 20” long (this is the longer side of a fat quarter). This length will make one pair of blocks. One to put into the draw and one to keep. A full length (44”) will make two pair of blocks.

Step 3: Cut one Strip of each of your two colours of choice, 2 ½” wide and at least 20” long.

Step 4: Sew with right sides together one of the colour strips to one cream strip, with a ¼” seam. Press so that the colour strip folds back on itself---in other words press to the darker side. Do the same with the other colour and cream strips.


Step 5: Lay one sewn strip on your cutting mat with right side up and the darker colour closest to you. Carefully position second strip right side down on top of first sewn strip so that the darker colour is further away from you. Line up seam so that the two seams butt up against each other and the two strips are as straight as possible.

Step 6: Using your ruler carefully cut the two sewn strips held (or pinned) together to make 4 ½” squares. DO NOT SEPARATE THE UNITS. You should have 4 UNITS in a 20” strip.

Step 7: With a pen mark a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on each of the 4 units. Then with your ruler mark a second dotted line on each side of the original diagonal line ¼” from it. This dotted line is your sewing line.


Step 8: Carefully keeping the units from slipping apart sew on the diagonal dotted lines on each of the 4 units. When you have sewn on both sides of the solid line, using your scissors cut the units apart on the solid line. Do not mix up the two sides of this unit. Press open the units—press toward the darker fabric.

Step 9: Referring to the diagram of the block, sew together four of the opened units to form one block. Sew together the other four units. Each block will be the exact opposite of the other block.

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