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February Block

February 2002

"Folk Heart"

6" x 10"block
( 6 ½" x 10" unfinished)

  Appliqué the Heart Block:
Use the template to cut a heart from red fabric.
Appliqué the heart to a light blue background 4½" x 8½".
Use a hand or machine buttonhole stitch, preferably in black thread.

  A Cut 4 1½" squares bright yellow
  B Cut 2 1½" x 8½" strips of dark blue
  C Cut 2 1½" x 4½" strips of dark blue

  Sew the 1½" x 8½" dark blue strips to the sides of the light blue rectangle.
Sew the 1½" yellow squares to the 1½" x 4½" dark blue strips.
Sew the strips to the top and bottom of the heart block.
Be sure to press the seams away from the centre of the block.
Appliqué Hint:
Before marking your background for appliqué or quilting, spray starch the fabric. This will keep the background from distorting when sewing or marking.

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