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January 2002 block

January 2002


"6 x 6"block
(6½" unfinished)

Easy block this month! In fact the block is called X-quisite or X-quisite Star. There is no pattern supplied for this block so please read the instructions carefully before you start and follow them through to complete the block.
You will need 2 colours.
  1. Cream on Cream:
    a. Cut a strip of fabric that is 6½" wide from the full width of yardage (45")
    b. Then cut the strip into 6 - 6½" squares.
    c. Put two of those squares away to trade with the charm table.
  2. Red tone on tone or Red texture type of print.
    a. Cut a strip of fabric that is 4" wide from the full width of yardage (45")
    Then cut 8 - 4" squares from the strip.
  3. With the Red fabric, carefully press each of the 8 squares to form a triangle, by pressing a fold across the diagonal.

4. Now open the pressed squares and fit one into a corner of the Cream on Cream fabric square so that the right sides are facing together.

5. Take this to your sewing machine, sew a straight line across the red square following the fold created when you pressed it to a triangle.

Step 1
sketch 1

6. Now fold back the square to form a triangle in the corner. You can trim the excess if you prefer. Do this on 4 of the 6½" squares.

Step 2
sketch 2

7. Take the remaining red squares and position each onto the opposite corner of the 6½" square and sew it in the same fashion that you sewed the previous corners, press it over to form a triangle in the opposite corner.

8. Your block is complete and you will have two blocks to put into the Block of the month draw at our Guild Meetings and two to keep for yourself!

Step 3
sketch 3

January 2002 block, assembled

Four blocks assembled.....

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