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May 2001 Block


7 ½" x 7 ½"block
(8" x 8" unfinished)


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Please note: Pattern is 7½" wide, so you may need to change your printer margins down so pattern prints out on one sheet of paper.
  • Background - neutral
  • House dress - any fabric of your choice
  • Collar - white
  • Trim - lace at bottom of collar edge; buttons, bows, belts, etc.
Note: I used plastic templates to do this pattern. Foundation piecing was also suggested to me.

Pattern pieces are finished sizes. Cut out pieces and add ¼" seam allowances.
  • Sew piece A (sleeve) to B (bodice), then B to C (skirt); set in piece F.
  • Repeat for piece Ar to Br, then Br to Cr, set in piece Fr.
  • Stitch D (collar) and Dr (right collar) to E (background); stitch to dress.

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